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FOX Business
Jan 13, 2013 1:00am EST
are the facts that the top 20% earners in the united states, not the 50% who don't pay any taxes, by the way. but top 20% we look at and measure for discretionary spending because that's the margin, the spending and certainly, gary is right that we will have a reduction, but look it, we've made it out of the depression and we made it out of the 1980's, we didn't cut payroll tax, we didn't come up with some deal. i say man up a little bit here. we've made it, this was emporary, everybody knew it was temporary and the higher income people are staying at a spending level that will keep us going. >> brenda: and walker, people have less. they spend less. so, businesses make less. is that going to hurt hiring? >> i think it's going to hurt jobs, brenda. i think when you're talking about, this is really a bait and switch on the middle class in terms of what their expectations were from a policy standpoint, with the changes that wer made in this, in, to the payroll tax holiday and that they're actually paying an extra 2% matters when you're making 30 to 50 grand. and it's disposable income they can'
FOX Business
Jan 27, 2013 1:00am EST
to be and by the way, they announced this week lowest percentage of union labor in the united states and by the way, so far we haven't had economcalamity. >> brenda: so far it's taking the labor board out of commission for a while. does that help the economy? >> oh, i believe it does, because it gets to, i think, a bigger issue, brenda, finally, maybe, a little tamp down on government overreach, you know, in obama's inauguration speech, it was all about growing government even bigger than it already is. and the problem is, when government grows, the private sector suffers. and if you say, well, who cares where the money goes, the problem is government growth is always less inefficient than private sector growth and this is one step toward hopefully allowing the private sector to grow, tamping down on unions which i think have hurt many, many, many industries, despite the higher wages. in the union you have higher wages until you lose your job, and i think this is a step forward, this is progress, what needs to be done. >> brenda: you know, jonas, toby brought up a good point. which is that union member
FOX Business
Jan 20, 2013 1:00am EST
't have passed any of the spending stuff. first off, two countries in the world, united states and sweden who have a debt ceiling. people got rid of it, because what jonas is saying, it's political. and the second issue is, i don't want our economy held hostage and run by washington, right now, the buffoons in congress have more power over the economy with the, you know, stupid idea. if we give them this type of power we've hurt ourselves, kick the power away as far as i'm concerned. >> isn't this a dangerous way to enforce fiscal discipline? shouldn't we be doing it because we have a budget and stick with it like most americans have to? >> well, we do have a budget, but the budgets aren't being passed. they're not being adopted. look, anything that keeps the focus on reducing debt and deficit in my mind is a good thing. getting rid of the debt limit is papering over the real uncertainty, which is american consumers, american investors don't know if and when washington will ever adopt a sensible fiscal policy. i wish we had it come up every month. >> gary b. basically steve is saying this
FOX Business
Jan 6, 2013 1:00am EST
round about 65 billion dollars, you realize that corporations in the united states, all the taxes they paid in 2012 was about 150 billion dollars. so, on a big scale here, what we're seeing is, that we're giving almost half of what they paid in taxes, that to big corporations in pork. now, ga, these are pork deals, these are not the government putting money, this is the government giving a corporation a benefit for spending money,so, if your argument is right, gary b, this should be good. the bigger issue is that we're in an age now where we just talk the talk about how we were going to, you know, fess up and do the right thing. and the minute we got into 2013, we did exactly the same thing that got us into this mess and i feel like we're having deja vu 2010 and talking about the stimulus again, come on. >> brenda: maybe they're talking the talk, but the money walks, because wall street as i said had an incredible week. why do you think that stocks went up if we've seen all of this feeding at the trough? >> free money. it's as simple as that. you have all this money going into the
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)